html lang=en head meta http-equiv=Content-Type content=texthtml; charset=UTF-8 meta charset=utf-8 titleWe are Ulusancaktim.org We are Turkish Hackers.title script type=textjavascript src=httpsajax.googleapis.comajaxlibsjquery1.7.2jquery.min.jsscript link rel=stylesheet type=textcss href=fiddle.jshell.netjonnycUjz4P3showcssnormalize.css link rel=stylesheet type=textcss href=fiddle.jshell.netjonnycUjz4P3showcssresult-light.css style type=textcss #myCanvas{ backgroundblack; width100%; height1000px; positionabsolute; top0px; left0px; } style script type=textjavascript![CDATA[ $(window).load(function(){ Create an array to store our particles var particles = []; The amount of particles to render var particleCount = 30; The maximum velocity in each direction var maxVelocity = 2; The target frames per second (how often do we want to update redraw the scene) var targetFPS = 33; Set the dimensions of the canvas as variables so they can be used. var canvasWidth = 400; var canvasHeight = 400; Create an image object (only need one instance) var imageObj = new Image(); Once the image has been downloaded then set the image on all of the particles imageObj.onload = function() { particles.forEach(function(particle) { particle.setImage(imageObj); }); }; Once the callback is arranged then set the source of the image imageObj.src = httpwww.blog.jonnycornwell.comwp-contentuploads201207Smoke10.png; A function to create a particle object. function Particle(context) { Set the initial x and y positions this.x = 0; this.y = 0; Set the initial velocity this.xVelocity = 0; this.yVelocity = 0; Set the radius this.radius = 5; Store the context which will be used to draw the particle this.context = context; The function to draw the particle on the canvas. this.draw = function() { If an image is set draw it if(this.image){ this.context.drawImage(this.image, this.x-128, this.y-128); If the image is being rendered do not draw the circle so break out of the draw function return; } Draw the circle as before, with the addition of using the position and the radius from this object. this.context.beginPath(); this.context.arc(this.x, this.y, this.radius, 0, 2 Math.PI, false); this.context.fillStyle = rgba(0, 255, 255, 1); this.context.fill(); this.context.closePath(); }; Update the particle. this.update = function() { Update the position of the particle with the addition of the velocity. this.x += this.xVelocity; this.y += this.yVelocity; Check if has crossed the right edge if (this.x = canvasWidth) { this.xVelocity = -this.xVelocity; this.x = canvasWidth; } Check if has crossed the left edge else if (this.x = 0) { this.xVelocity = -this.xVelocity; this.x = 0; } Check if has crossed the bottom edge if (this.y = canvasHeight) { this.yVelocity = -this.yVelocity; this.y = canvasHeight; } Check if has crossed the top edge else if (this.y = 0) { this.yVelocity = -this.yVelocity; this.y = 0; } }; A function to set the position of the particle. this.setPosition = function(x, y) { this.x = x; this.y = y; }; Function to set the velocity. this.setVelocity = function(x, y) { this.xVelocity = x; this.yVelocity = y; }; this.setImage = function(image){ this.image = image; } } A function to generate a random number between 2 values function generateRandom(min, max){ return Math.random() (max - min) + min; } The canvas context if it is defined. var context; Initialise the scene and set the context if possible function init() { var canvas = document.getElementById(`myCanvas`); if (canvas.getContext) { Set the context variable so it can be re-used context = canvas.getContext(`2d`); Create the particles and set their initial positions and velocities for(var i=0; i particleCount; ++i){ var particle = new Particle(context); Set the position to be inside the canvas bounds particle.setPosition(generateRandom(0, canvasWidth), generateRandom(0, canvasHeight)); Set the initial velocity to be either random and either negative or positive particle.setVelocity(generateRandom(-maxVelocity, maxVelocity), generateRandom(-maxVelocity, maxVelocity)); particles.push(particle); } } else { alert(Please use a modern browser); } } The function to draw the scene function draw() { Clear the drawing surface and fill it with a black background context.fillStyle = rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5); context.fillRect(0, 0, 400, 400); Go through all of the particles and draw them. particles.forEach(function(particle) { particle.draw(); }); } Update the scene function update() { particles.forEach(function(particle) { particle.update(); }); } Initialize the scene init(); If the context is set then we can draw the scene (if not then the browser does not support canvas) if (context) { setInterval(function() { Update the scene befoe drawing update(); Draw the scene draw(); }, 1000 targetFPS); } });]] script head !-- sag tık bloke body oncontextmenu=return false; onkeydown=return false; onmousedown=return false; -- body meta name=description content=This Site Has Been Hacked by Cryptr.Org meta name=keywords content=Ulusancaktim Turkish Hacking And Security Team. meta name=robot content=index,follow meta name=copyright content=Copyright 2017 Ulusancaktim.org. Illegal Reserved. meta name=author content=Ulusancak Tim Turkish Hackers meta name=language content=English , Turkish meta name=revisit-after content=1 meta name=Description content=Ulusancaktim.Org script type=textjavascript When the window has loaded, DOM is ready. Run the draw() function. script canvas id=myCanvascanvas style type=textcss @font-face { font-family `Averia Sans Libre`; font-style normal; font-weight 400; src local(`Averia Sans Libre Regular`), local(`AveriaSansLibre-Regular`), url(httpthemes.googleusercontent.comstaticfontsaveriasanslibrev1yRJpjT39KxACO9F31mj_LqOxStDXxcWVrHkhVmjuyZ8.woff) format(`woff`); } body,td,th { color #FFFFFF; } body {cursorurl(httpwww.fbvideo.16mb.comfilescur.cur),default; background-color #000000; } a { text-decorationnone; } alink { color #00FF00} avisited { color #00FF00} ahover { color #00FF00} aactive { color #00FF00} .style2 {Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight bold; font-size 15px; } .style3 {Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight bold; } .style4 {color #FFFF00} .style5 {color #FF0000} .style6 {color #00FF00} img{opacity0.4} .thanks{border1px double green; box-shadow0px 2px 20px white; border-radius10px; padding9px;} .a{text-shadow0px 1px 10px lime;} style style type=textcss @font-face { font-family `Orbitron`; font-style normal; font-weight 700; src local(`Orbitron-Bold`), url(httpthemes.googleusercontent.comstaticfontsorbitronv3Y82YH_MJJWnsH2yUA5AuYYbN6UDyHWBl620a-IRfuBk.woff) format(`woff`); } style center style body{overflowhidden;text-align;font-family `Averia Sans Libre`, cursive;} hr{border 1px solid #1C1C1C;} style embed src=httpswww.youtube.comv72QAAOaYW2M&autoplay=1 type=applicationx-shockwave-flash wmode=show width=1 height=1 div id=arkadakiler style=positionabsolute; background-image url(httphttpsimg.paratic.comdosya201705ilk-bes-koseli-yildiza-ait-turk-bayragi.jpg); opacity 0.4;top 0px;left 0px; background-repeat no-repeat; width 100%; center style=margin-top 380px;br img src=httpsimg.paratic.comdosya201705ilk-bes-koseli-yildiza-ait-turk-bayragi.jpg style= position absolute; z-index -999999; left 0; top 0; width 100%; height 768px; imgbrppfont face=Orbitron size=7 color=white class=aHacked by fontfont face=Orbitron size=7 color=red class=ULUSANCAK TEAM hr span class=Senin Gibilerin Hakkı Hacktır ! 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